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Height 169 / Weight 57 / Age 23 / Blauw eyes / Brunette hair

Skylar Escort Amsterdam

She is gorgeous with a warm body and fun personality. Skylar has many different interests and always finds a reason to smile, which makes it easy for her to create a harmonious atmosphere. Her looks are natural, her make-up very subtle and her dress style is sexy. She likes good food combined with a glass of wine and likes to drink a glass of champagne to relax. She is a skilled master of seduction and it doesn’t take long for you to fall for her. She loves to take your everyday problems and transform them into something special, sensual and pleasurable. She’s appears and looks spotless, well dressed, intelligent, super beautiful with a good sense of humor and craziness. One of the most wanted girls from Amsterdam. She’s a classy, elegant and very sophisticated escort. One hour in her company is enough to make you forget about all yours troubles.

Included Services:

Escort Meeting for dinner

Extra Paid Services:


Role play


Erotic massage

In three


To contact our Skylar Amsterdam Top Escort 1 , please call WhatsApp or use the form below.


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