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Height 165 / Weight 58 / Age 23 / Brown eyes / Blond hair

Izabela Escort Amsterdam

My name is Izabela and I specialize in making you feel special. In correcting you with my pleasurable ways, so that you’re ready for your girl. So that you can give them a better time. Stamina building doesn’t come easy. She is a very young escort, but she immediately showed a natural talent in managing the client, and in the excitement, in particular, she is very well known for being a big kisser. I’m one of the most sought-after Amsterdam escort . But when you’re with me, you’ll learn ways of pleasuring girls that will make their toes curl. Their head spin, and their heart beat out of their chest. She is a beautiful girl and always complicated to describe in words. It is difficult for us to explain how beautiful the little girl is in this space. This hot Amsterdam escort girl is truly gorgeous, with a delicate and not vulgar beauty, almost a real goddess who is on earth to give sexual pleasure to the Amsterdam escort, to all the people of the world.

Included Services:

Escort Dinner Date

Extra Paid Services:





Erotic massage


To contact our Izabela Amsterdam Top Escort 1 , please call WhatsApp or use the form below.

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